• DISPOSABLE BIBS - Single Use Plastic Backed Paper Bibs, our most popular bib, order as few as 25!

  • SEMI-REUSABLE BIBS - Non-Woven Bibs, choice of 5 base colors, small and large quantities

  • CLOTH BIBS - light wash, makes a great event keepsake, small and large quantities

  • PLASTIC BIBS - quantities 15,000+ for restaurants and large events.  Pricing for large quantity paper backed plastic bibs also located here.


STOCK DESIGNS - plastic bibs and paper with poly backing stock designs!

WEDDING CAKE BIBS!                                 


LAYOUT Please provide a detailed layout indicating imprint location, orientation, typestyle.  If size/position are not indicated, we will use our discretion.
Camera Ready Art
We require a high quality black and white original, printed at a minimum of 600 dpi, must be 80% of the actual imprint size. Art must have crisp, sharp edges and needs no further touch up. We cannot use pre-screened / pre-tinted artwork or halftones. Some thin lines, small copy and reverses may not reproduce as submitted and may need to be altered to imprint clearly.
E-mail Requirements Digital Art
 Must meet all the requirements for digital artwork files.
 File sizes over 10MB must be compressed using WinZip.
 Must include distributor company name, phone number and purchase order number.
 Must include product number, product color and imprint color.

Multicolor Imprints All multi-color imprints to be provided as a .pdf. Industry standard is 1/16" movement in any direction. 
4-Color Process We can print 4-color process on some of our products. Color separation charges, minimum quantities and running charges are listed by item. Silkscreens printed at 75 lpi, Pad Prints at 110 lpi. Supply art digitally at 600 dpi in .tiff or .eps format. PMS color match cannot be guaranteed on process printing. Image colors will vary slightly during production runs and on repeat orders.
Artwork Charges Factory reserves the right to determine acceptable art which may vary according to product. Artwork submitted in vector format is recommended. Distributor will be notified if art is unacceptable. Art Dept. time for Artwork Recreation, Excessive Type Setting, Color Separations and Color Trapping is billed at $50z / hour. Changes to paper proofs $20v.
Half-tones - are printed at 55 lpi.  Halftone range is from 30% to 55%.  Gradients are available as a one color fade and must be 30% to 55% range.  At this linescreen dots are visible and may appear coarse or grainy.   Line screens may vary per production requirements.  Halftones must be sent as digital files created at 600dpi or in vector format. Placed images are not acceptable. Not available on all items.
Artwork Transfers - artwork cannot be transferred from one distributor to another without written permission from the original distributor.
Artwork Returns - Artwork will not be returned unless requested in writing and invoice is paid. Distributor is responsible for shipping cost.
Use of Logos - The Purchaser must indemnify of any liability arising out of or relating to any actual or alleged infringement of trademark, copyright, service mark etc.
Digital Artwork Files Acceptable Programs & Requirements 
ILLUSTRATOR: "Create outlines" on all fonts. All placed images must be included in b&w and created at a minimum of 600dpi. Placed images in color are unacceptable. .Ai and .eps are acceptable file formats.
PHOTOSHOP: B&W raster art must be created at a minimum of 600dpi. Scanned halftones are unacceptable. Multicolor raster art is not recommended but will only be accepted if sent color separated and created at a minimum of 600dpi. .Tiff and .eps are acceptable file formats.
FREEHAND: All fonts must "convert to paths". All placed images must be included in b&w and created at a minimum of 600dpi. Placed images in color are unacceptable. .Eps is the acceptable file format.
COREL DRAW: Change all fonts to curves. All placed images must be included in b&w and created at a minimum of 600dpi. Placed images in color are unacceptable. .Ai is the acceptable file format.
PDF: All type must be converted to outline or curves prior to crating pdf file. All placed images must be included. Save file in pdf format version 8.0 or lower.
We do not accept page layout programs such as MS Word or Pagemaker. File formats such as .doc, .pub, .vcf, .exe and .dat are unacceptable.
Files will be accepted via e-mail or on CD or DVD disk.

NOTE: Proofing for one color imprints will be done in black/white. Colors are subjective and are not represented on monitors/printers as they will appear on printed goods. Monitors/printer colors do not accurately represent the ink color printed as actually printed on finished products. AD-BIB will not be held responsible for any color matching. Closest match ink color $55(v).